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The Tanning Lotion Product Legend

                               - Body Blush                           - Moisturizer

                               - Coolant                              - Natural

                               - DHA                                  - Tingle

                               - Intensifier                          - Warming

        BB     Body Blush – Active ingredients react for an immediate blushed glow without warming the skin.  Increases microcirculation
        which produces more oxygen at the surface level to create faster, darker color.
        C   Coolant – Bathes skin in a refreshing and cooling sensation.

        D   DHA – Dihydroxyacetone is an effective bronzer commonly found in sunless and UV tanning formulas.  A Keto Sugar derived
        from Sugarcane, reacts with skin proteins on the upper layer of the skin. Results between DHA and skin proteins create a brownish
        color.  Color usually starts to develop within 2-4 hours and can last up to 8 days.  This ingredient is naturally clear in color and made
        for advanced tanners.

        I    Intensifier – Active ingredients that help the skin naturally achieve dark, bronze color without the use of bronzers.  Triggers and
        boosts melanin production and the distribution process to achieve skin’s highest natural color potential.

        M  Moisturizer – After tan products that will help soothe, soften and moisturize for smooth, healthier looking skin which will also
        extend the life of your tan.

        N  Natural – Natural Bronzers are exclusive blends of natural bronzing ingredients that do NOT contain DHA.   It provides a rich &
        streak free tanned appearance on the skin which can be an immediate or delayed reaction.
        T  Tingle – Imparts a warm, “tingling” effect on the skin by increasing microcirculation.  This increase generates an increase in
        oxygen which results in a darker tan.  The increase in blood flow results in a reddening effect as well as a tingling sensation which
        may feel similar to sun exposed skin.  PRODUCTS CONTAINING TINGLE SHOULD NOT BE USED ON PERSONS WITH

        W  Warming – Active ingredients that warm the skin without skin irritation or redness.

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